Friday, July 8, 2011

Beauty tips from me

Eye cream
Do i have to use eye cream? As soon as it starts getting a little colder outside it will show around your eyes! The skin under and around the eyes is thinner than the rest of the facial skin, and will be easier under the influence of climate change, thus the area around often become dry and irritated. Therefore it´s important to use an eye cream. The difference of an eye cream and a regular face cream is that eye creams are in a lighter texture that is absorbed faster by the thin skin. If you put a normal face cream under the eyes may make it too heavy and result in bags under the eyes! Not good.
If it hurts after you've applied the eye cream, it may do that if you've added it to close. Try to put it a little further down. Eye leg is a good guideline. Apply with light fingers. From the inside corner of his eye and out.
Tip: Put eye creams in the fridge for a little while before use, so it drains better and streamline more. Perfect before makeup! Good luck!

Whiter teeth
Here comes a little tip regasrding your teeth. First peel an orange. Then take the shell, the white side and rub it against the inside of the teeth. There are threads in the shell that cleans to the depth and bleach the teeth, which makes your teeth whiter. I do it all the time and it do works!
I some time order teeth whitening products online aswell. It´s easy to use in your home.

Nowadays, people are so conscious about there appearance that they spend alot of time and money on everything from volume sprays and lifting serum to waxing of the sanctuary. But honestly, how much energy you put on your nails? Often the excuse sounds like this: "The color does not sit still so I still have to do it again soon" or "My nails slices easily so it is useless to even try." Then, ladies and gentlemen, I will show you how to quickly and easily fix stylish, durable nails and soft hands.

1) Remove old nail polish Begin by removing all traces of old nail polish with a nail polish-remover. I use OPI Polish Remover with OPI Nail Wipes. Remover contains the nourishing aloe vera, and wipe not out the nail and cuticle. Nailwipes I use instead of cotton, they suck they do not accumulate as much remover and lint-free not by itself.

2) Then it's time for the peel. Yes, the nails will actually peel, just think what a lot of dirt and bacteria that get stuck there. One painting's not a house without grinding surface so the same applies here. Rub Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment of the nails and cuticle, and then carefully scrape it off with an orange stick. The cream goes down in depth and up impurities using AHA acids, while it moisturizes and softens the nail and cuticle

3) After peeling the filing ... In order to shape the nail is OPI's Diamond File unbeatable! It looks like an ordinary fil but is made out of coal and is therefore a lifetime. But the very best with this file is that you can cut without damaging the nail or the slice itself, which you can not do with other files. OPI Diamond File is thus the only nail file you will need in a lifetime ... How good does that sound?

4) Improve your nails with Nail Envy! Now we come to that stage where you can really get to the bottom of your nail problem. Nail Envy looks like a transparent varnish, but has enhancing properties that you choose depends on what you want to absorb. Dry nails, nails that slices itself, thin nails, you name it! The Fix Nail Envy. Excellent as a base coat and top coat, so that your successor nail polish is better.

5) Color, color, wonderful color! But which should I choose? When I paint my nails this fall, I will definitely choose colors that go in rich autumn tones such as plum, dark pink and bright red. Exactly the colors that are reflected in the fall clothes, shoes, and not least emotion. After two coats, it looks like it does in the bottle, and it is usually most preferred. Finish with a topcoat or Nail Envy.

6) Moisturize and build! When the lacquer to dry really well (and I mean properly) dropppar I have a drop Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Oil to each nail and massage into both your nails and cuticles. The oil is made from pure avocado and build up your nails and moisturizes cuticles. The molecules are so small that they go right through the nail polish. Super Smart!

7) ... and then the cream! The icing on the cake, and an absolute necessity in the winter is obviously handcremen. OPIs handcremer contains avocado, available in different scents and is yummi! My favorite is the news Avojuice Skin quenchers Jasmine that smells wonderfully of Yasmin. It will probably be a favorite with you, I think ...

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